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Sprayed Polyurethane Foam

Spray polyurethane foam will make a significant contribution to providing energy efficiency in buildings and other applications. Spray polyurethane foam can also be a significant part of the solution to the challenges we face with the environment. Use of high performance insulation can help to reduce various emissions from the burning of fossil fuels in buildings or by utilities. The spray polyurethane foam industry wants to ensure that the products installed for the consumer or owner is of the highest quality and provides the maximum benefits. Canada Mortgage and Housing has estimated that 500 million dollars is spent annually due to premature deterioration of buildings. Many of these expenditures are a result of improper installation of products rather than from defective products.

Proper Applications in a Range of Industries

Fairfield Foam Ltd. assures proper application of spray polyurethane foam insulation.

Well heads for oil companies
Tanks and vessels
Mining operations
Pulp and paper plants
Truck bodies
Motor homes
Underground applications
Oil and gas industry
Freezer and cold storage plants
Fishing boats
Flotation devices
Rail cars

Holistic Approach to Quality Assurance on Job Sites

Professionals at Fairfield Foams Ltd. take a holistion approach when it comes to the quality assurance of the application of spray polyurethane foam in buildings.

First Aid Certification

Certified Sprayed Foam for Commercial and Residential Clients in Brooks

Get in touch with our team and insulate your homes, businesses, oilfields, tanks, pipelines, and more.

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