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Sprayed Foam for Commercial and Residential Clients in Brooks

The team at Fairfield Foams Ltd. installs foam insulation for residential, commercial and oilfield clients in the Brooks, Strathmore, Medicine Hat and Lethbridge areas. We use spray polyurethane foam that is as durable as it is versatile. We can use polyurethane foam to insulate homes, businesses, oilfields, tanks, pipelines and more.

Oilfield: With gas wells and piping we first apply a layer of 2 MIL Poly so the foam doesn't adhere to the steel and can be readily removed. Next comes 11/2 – 2 inches of urethane foam. Valve handles are trimmed out so the well can be freely operated. To finish off, we apply 60 MILS of urethane coating. This provides a hard finish to protect the foam from birds, mice and the elements. What you have then is one solid piece of insulation without joints and a high R-value that repels wind and rain. Companies using foam have far fewer freeze-offs and are able to reduce the amount of methanol used.

Tanks: With tanks, the foam is applied directly to the metal at any thickness required. At R7 per inch and no joints or seams, a high quality insulation job is achieved. Studies have shown insulation that is adhered to the substrate is a more efficient insulator with less heat loss. High temperature foams allow for vessel temperatures up to 300 F. On top of the foam we apply 20 MILS of elastomeric coating for UV protection. These can be obtained in a wide range of colours.

Pipeline: For pipelines, foam makes a great ditch break in hilly country to prevent erosion, and makes great pillows to support piping, and great rock shield when back filling.

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